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Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you deal with a problem tenant or negligent landlord. If you’re being evicted without proper court procedure, you should consider hiring an attorney to help protect your rights.


We will work closely with you in order to gain a personal understanding of your unique situation so that the right course of action is taken. Rely on us to find an effective strategy for your needs.


Know when to hire a landlord/tenant attorney

Legal advice for residential and commercial leases

No matter what your circumstances are, our experienced team is prepared to help you. Call us today for all your personal injury, estate planning, and other legal needs.

Defend your rights.


Ensure the promises outlined in your lease are being fulfilled

  •   Disputes

  •   Claims

  •   Leasehold estate

    •   Breach of Covenant

    •   Implied Warranty of Habitability

    •   Covenant of quiet employment

    •   Tenant remedies

    •   Duty to pay rent

    •   Duty to operate